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Peleng 8mm Fisheye

I've seen a lot of pictures with this very inexpensive fisheye ($150 or so), and I always preferred the fisheye perspective to the rectilinear "super wide angle" lens on the market. On a 350D, it is not a full frame fisheye, but still gives a pretty amazing wide view.
I just received this lens so here are my first tests of it, and of the "LensFix" plugins to fix aberations and remap between fisheye and rectilinear.
Excuse the mess on my desk, it is my "lens cleaning queue" getting a bit crowded!
As you can see, the lens perform very well. All was shot at f5.6, and the result is reasonably sharp. In any case, it's a fun lens!
Real PhotosAre at the bottom of the page.

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Example 1, The Desk


LensFix+Remap 60...

Remap 160. Rectilinear madness.

Example 2, Outside View


LensFix alone. Already shed some fisheye here.

Remap 40. Just enough to remove the vigneting.

Remap 160. Rectilinear madness.

Real Photos!

I like this one...

Thats Queen Victoria, somewhere up there !


How to decorner a corner...

And how to overcorner a corner!

Nice landscapy one...

This one is fun...

Some more

Red Pill or Blue Pill ? Quite a lot of flare here.