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Sigma EF 18-200mm f3.5-6.3

I wanted to buy an "All Around" lens, something I can carry and shoot without having to worry about changing lenses too often. This Sigma is fairly recent (as of may 2005) and had some tentatively good reviews.
Knowing the typical "it can't do all that and be good" I still wanted to give it a spin, given the good reputation of a few Sigmas (the "Bigma" 50-500 in particular).
So far I'm happy. The 18mm is very good for my use, and even if the 200mm is nowhere as sharp, it's still usable and very handy to have in a compact lens. Autofocus is very fast, construction is very good.
Overall this is a terrific fair weather zoom.

Shooting upward..

..and this is a closeup from the same spot.

One of my favourite so far.

British Engineering at it's peak!

Self Portrait

Too open on that one, lacks of DoF

This one is considerably better...